Are You Pounding Your
Head On Your Desk,
Wondering Why Your
Books Aren't Selling?

We know, because we've been there. It used to be you could just slap up any ol' book on Amazon and expect it to make you some money here and there.

Unfortunately that isn't the case anymore.

So, instead, we try things like free day and countdown day promotions, KDP select, free giveaway sites and facebook pages, and more.


While that's all nice and good, even the free day strategy just doesn't have the promotional power that it used to.

Nowadays, in order to sell your book, you need only two things.

1. A book that meets your markets expectations. More on this in a minute, but suffice to say, this is 75% of the battle.

2. Targeted traffic. This is easy.


Let Me Tell You What
One Author Did That
Made All The Difference

We are going to call this author Carl, because that is his name. Carl had a great book, a book about Zombie love, actually, and everyone who read it loved it.

But…he had one problem. No one was buying the damn thing.


What was his problem? Dozens of free review giveaways and feedback told him his book rocked. He had a dozen of positive reviews on his page.

Why wasn't his book selling?

It's simple. Carl's book wasn't selling because his book marketing, meaning his Amazon sales page, wasn't meeting his market's expectations.  

His cover was terrible. His title was terrible. The description didn't work. All in all, he was turning people off to buying the book.

Let me reiterate this:


Carl's Book Didn't Sell Because
His Book Page Didn't Meet
His Market's Expectations…

Long Story Short –
Nobody Bought Because They Didn't Think
They Would Like His Book!


Now, The Question Is…
How Did Carl Find This
Information Out?

He thought he did everything right. He wrote a good book. It was well edited. He uploaded it to kindle. He purchased what he thought was a good cover.


But Carl Made One Big Mistake…
He Failed to Research His Market

After all this time, money, blood, sweat and tears, Carl made the biggest newbie mistake of all. He didn't realize or know what his market wanted.

He didn't realize that there were specific colors, page counts, price points, title words, descriptions and more that would make his book sell .


When Carl Researched His Book Market, He Was Dumbfounded
at What He Found.

His cover stunk. His title didn't do anything for the book. His market just didn't like the very first things they saw about his book and that was killing his sales.

So what did he do?

He made a single change to his title and cover – and then drove targeted traffic to his sales page.


By Changing a Few Things to Match His Market's Expectations,
He Was Now Making Sales Daily

All. From. Research.


Discover How You Can Instantly Research Your Market
Before You Write Your Book!

Research can be a tedious endeavor, however. You have to go to Amazon and actually look at what is going on in your market.

You have to analyze the top selling books in your market and discover their titles, cover images, page counts, and price points to determine if your book will make the cut!


If Done Manually,
Can Take Hours or More!

As a writer, you need to be focusing on, well, writing more stuff. Not spending hours doing business research. Writing more equals more books, which means more buy buttons, which means more money in your pocket.

And of course, with proper research, that means a much higher chance that you aren't wasting time writing stuff your market doesn't want!


That's why we've come up with
an easy solution that will
slash hours off your research!

It's Called
"KD Researcher V2.0"

Would You Like to Experience What Carl Experienced? Instant, Overnight Success?


With our KD Researcher, you will instantly find out what your market wants and expects from you and your book. What the best selling covers, titles, reviews, price points, and page counts are, all at the tip of your fingers.

With version 2.0, we have added the ability to search any of the 20,000 plus Amazon categories in and the 20,000 plus categories in

By the way, if you want to save the information we capture on your behalf, there is a Save button that will allow you to export that data to a CSV file.

By finding out this important information, and finding it out fast, you will be able to do what Carl did with his book, and finally make all that work you've done translate into money!


Shave Hours Off Research – Have Your Market's “Money Magnets”
Right In Front of You

Certain titles, book covers, colors, and more are what we call “money magnets”. Now, you can easily find these money magnets on your own, by manually digging through Amazon yourself.

But, if you want to instantly put these money magnets in front of you, then you need this software!


Watch How Fast You Can Find Out
Why Your Book Isn't Selling and What To Change:


Now We Have An Important Question For You…

How Much Would This
Information About Your Market
Mean To You?

If you go from selling 0 a month to selling 50+ a month…at 2 dollars in royalties, that's 100 extra bucks a month. 

That's what Carl did. A single change in cover and title. Which he discovered from proper research. 

That's 1,200 bucks a year, minimum.


What if you could do more?


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KD Researcher Kindle Software

 “What? Just $17 Bucks? Bill and Sam,
Why on EARTH Are You Selling It This Low?”


It's simple, really. We want everyone to have the advantage of proper research. And not just proper research – fast and easy research.

Every book author can benefit from this and we want it in your hands, now.

Remember, we are book authors ourselves. We understand the frustrations of “no-sales hell” and we would love to deliver you from that!


When You Grab
KD Researcher Today,
You Are Getting:


•  Instant researching software that will shave hours off of your work.

•  Instantly know, in a single window, what your market's top sellers are doing – Cover, Titles, Price, Page count and more...

•  Meet your markets expectations by mimicking the titles/covers/descriptions and more of your market

•  Fast Adobe Air desktop software that runs on Mac or PC without hassle.

•  Easy installation and use

But the price isn't going to stay at $17 dollars forever.

KD Researcher Kindle Software


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